The Future is here. . . .

In these unprecedented times, the human race and indeed we the people of India have experienced a whole gamut of emotions over the last 45 days, from denial, to fear, frustration and sorrow, from pain to being thankful, and now the inherent trait of the human race – resilience.

We the people of India and our representatives have not only surprised the world but even ourselves. At every step, the wonderful demonstration of efficiency and empathy by our frontline warriors – medical staff, police personnel, government officials at all levels, to the common man – have ensured that the instructions from the authorities are followed to the T.

We have crossed the major milestones in flying colours, i.e., by containing the outbreak. Studies show that but for the nationwide lockdown, an estimated 2.5 million people would have been infected by May 17. We have demonstrated that when the moment arrives our country puts on the highest value on the life of each and every citizen. The Government has thus given us the best chance to overcome this huge challenge, and it is now upon us to win the battle out there in the Big New World.

Looking ahead, there are several dilemmas to deal with. Do we stay safe through isolation or step out to work? How do we ensure the safety of the maximum with lockdowns and yet improve the health of the national economy? All these days we were protected by the ‘Lakshman Rekha’. And now when we need to cross the ‘Lakshman Rekha’, how do we stay protected and yet function efficiently?

The human race has to stay alive and healthy, consume and create demand, and get the economic engine roaring back again. Therefore, the frontline warrior mantle has to be donned by different sets of people, day in and day out in the Big New World – Outside of Home.

To this new normal I welcome the brands (the backbone of any economy) and the OOH – Out of Home — warriors to stand up and play their respective roles in tandem to first keep the human race safe and second to get the economy alive and kicking.