About Skyrams

About Us

  • Skyrams is the leading providers of outdoor advertising solutions across Tamil Nadu known for our quality driven excellence and innovation.
  • We are passionate about outdoor and that’s exactly why we have set our sights on Pan – India operations, to become a one stop solution provider for all advertising needs.
  • With offices at Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Trichy we ensure to provide a strategic solution to reach your audience base across the nation.
  • We take great pride in providing our clients with proven, successful, cost-effective advertising solutions and start-to-finish service. We know how important it is to any business, regardless of size, that their message reaches their audience and we know how to make that happen.
  • Be it advertising at bus queue shelters, hoardings, Uni-poles, traffic signals posts or pedestrian pole kiosks, all placed at high traffic locations we would ensure your brand gets maximum visibility.

Why go for outdoor?

  • Outdoor advertising costs 80% less than television ads, 60% less than newspaper ads and 50% less than radio ads.
  • Outdoor connects with increasing number of people as the today’s world is on a constant move.
  • Outdoor provides continuous presence i.e., 24 x 7 your ad gets seen!
  • Outdoor is the most seen medium before any purchase.
  • Proximity campaigns increase brand consideration and purchase.
  • Outdoor works!!!! Most powerful brands over invest in out-of-home advertising.